About Agency

„Sportima” is one of the leading polish companies helping in the career of football players.
Our company offers comprehensive career management services for football players. Every detail of the player is analysed by our extensive team of experts.
Our aim and proven record is to find young players at the beginning of their career and help them realise their dreams of playing first team and national football.
The priorities within our company are reliability, honesty and professionalism whilst building lasting and friendly relationships with players.
For many years we have been working in Poland, Europe, South America and Africa
Our work provides a simple method of achieving success. We work so that ourclients can focus only on the game of football, and all other aspects are dealt with by „Sportima”.


Our transfers:


1 (1)

David Anon

Transfers: Ponteverda CF -> GKS Katowice*

1 (1)

Jorge Félix

Transfers: Lleida Esportiu -> Piast Gliwice*

1 (1)

Paweł Florek

Transfers: GKS Tychy -> CD Badajoz

1 (1)

Jakub Stolarczyk

Transfers: Piast Chęciny -> Leicester City (transfer fee: about 100 000 euro)

Grzegorz Sandomierski

Transfers: Jagiellonia Białystok -> KRC Genk (transfer fee: about 1 900 000 euro)*

Dominik Hładun

Transfery: Zagłębie Lubin -> Chojniczanka Chojnice

Chojniczanka Chojnice -> Zagłębie Lubin

Bez tytułu1

Sebastian Steblecki

Transfers: Cracovia Kraków -> S.C. Cambuur (transfer fee: about 100 000 euro)

Damian Zbozień

Transfers: Legia Warszawa -> Piast Gliwice (transfer fee: about 60 000 euro)

Piast Gliwice -> Amkar Perm (transfer fee: about 200 000 euro)*

Hubert Adamczyk

Transfery: Zawisza Bydgoszcz -> Chelsea Londyn *

Jacek Kiełb

Transfers: Korona Kielce -> Lech Poznań (transfer fee: about 250 000 euro)*

Piotr Ćwielong

Transfers: Wisła Kraków -> Śląsk Wrocław (transfer fee: about 200 000 euro)*

Artur Jędrzejczyk

Artur Jędrzejczyk

Transfers: Legia Warszawa -> Korona Kielce*

Korona Kielce -> Legia Warszawa*

Michał Kopczyński

Michał Kopczyński

Transfers: Legia Warszawa -> Wigry Suwałki

Wigry Suwałki -> Legia Warszawa

Bez tytułu

Krzysztof Danielewicz

Transfers: Zagłębie Lubin -> Cracovia Kraków (transfer fee: about 25 000 euro)

Cracovia Kraków -> Śląsk Wrocław


Paweł Oleksy

Transfers: Zagłębie Lubin -> Zawisza Bydgoszcz

Zagłębie Lubin -> Piast Gliwice

Piast Gliwice -> Zagłębie Lubin

Zagłębie Lubin -> Ruch Chorzów

Kornel Osyra

Transfers: Zagłębie Lubin -> Piast Gliwice

 Bartosz Szeliga

Transfers: Sandecja Nowy Sącz -> Piast Gliwice (transfer fee: about 75 000 euro)

Mateusz Mak

Mateusz Mak

Transfers: Ruch Radzionków -> GKS Bełchatów (transfer fee: about 55 000 euro)

Michał Mak

Michał Mak

Transfers: Ruch Radzionków -> GKS Bełchatów (transfer fee: about 55 000 euro)

Kamil Wacławczyk

Kamil Wacławczyk

Transfers: KS Polkowice -> GKS Bełchatów (transfer fee: about 25 000 euro)

Shpëtim Hasani

Shpetim Hasani

Transfers: Örebro SK -> Górnik Łęczna

Krzysztof Chrapek

Krzysztof Chrapek

Transfers: Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała -> Lech Poznań (transfer fee: about 200 000 euro)*

Marek Wasiluk

Marek Wasiluk

Transfers: Jagiellonia Białystok -> Cracovia Kraków (transfer fee: about 200 000 euro)*

Bez tytułu

Wojciech Kochański

Transfers: Legia Warszawa -> GKS Katowice


Dawid Abramowicz

Transfers: Odra Opole -> Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza

Puszcza Niepołomice -> GKS Katowice


Adrian Frańczak

Transfers: Sandecja Nowy Sącz -> GKS Katowice

Edgar Bernhardt

Edgar Bernhardt

Transfers: FC Lahti -> Cracovia Kraków 

Piotr Petasz

Piotr Petasz

Transfers: ŁKS Łomża -> Piast Gliwice*

Adrian Paluchowski

Adrian Paluchowski 

Transfers: Legia Warszawa -> Piast Gliwice

Znicz Pruszków -> Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza

Tomislav Božić

Tomislav Božić

Transfers: FK Dukla Praga -> Górnik Łęczna*

Emilijus Zubas

Transfers: Ekranas Poniewież -> GKS Bełchatów

Carles Martinez

Transfers: CD Atlético Baleares -> Zagłębie Sosnowiec*

Luka Štefanac

Luka Stefanac

Transfers: NK Krsko -> Pogoń Siedlce


Dragan Jelic

Transfers: Rudar Velenje -> Chojniczanka Chojnice


Przemysław Szarek

Transfers: Sandecja Nowy Sącz -> Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza (transfer fee: about 55 000 euro)


Dariusz Trela

Transfers: Piast Gliwice -> Lechia Gdańsk*

Korona Kielce -> Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza

Bez tytułu

Damian Podleśny

Transfers: Lewart Lubartów -> GKS Bełchatów (transfer fee: about 20 000 euro)

GKS Bełchatów -> Lechia Gdańsk (transfer fee: about 125 000 euro)


Łukasz Bogusławski 

Transfers: Jagiellonia Białystok -> Legia Warszawa (transfer fee: about 25 000 euro)

Chrobry Głogów -> Górnik Łęczna (transfer fee: about 20 000 euro)


Tomasz Zając

Transfers: Wisła Kraków -> Korona Kielce (transfer fee: about 20 000 euro)


Charlie Trafford

Transfers: Kuopion Palloseura -> Korona Kielce 


Erik Tornros

Transfers: Dalkurd FF -> GKS Tychy*


Daniel Ciechański

Transfers: Pogoń Siedlce -> Piast Gliwice

Przemysław Wysocki

Przemysław Wysocki

Transfers: Legia Warszawa -> Piast Gliwice

Łukasz Kaciczak

Łukasz Kaciczak

Transfers: Motor Lublin -> Zagłębie Lubin

Łukasz Małkowski

Łukasz Małkowski

Transfers: KS Stadion Śląski -> Kotwica Kołobrzeg

Kotwica Kołobrzeg -> Legia Warszawa

Mateusz Cieluch

Mateusz Cieluch

Transfers: Jagiellonia Białystok -> Polonia Bytom

Polonia Bytom -> Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała

Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała -> GKS Katowice


Mateusz Jagiełło

Transfers: Juventa Starachowice -> Zagłębie Lubin 


* transacted with other football agency.



Today, none of our players are having a birthday.